CMMT-MP Multi-Protocol Servo Drives Improve Productivity and Eliminate Supply Chain Bottlenecks

The Festo CMMT-MP multi-protocol servo drive

The Festo CMMT-MP multi-protocol servo drive
Thanks to our new CMMT-MP family of multi-protocol servo drives, machine builders can work smarter — not harder. Each drive supports EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET and Modbus TCP communication protocols, reducing drive inventories, strengthening supply chains and simplifying engineering efforts through the use of one familiar platform. At Festo, the multi-protocol servo drives have already enabled us to reduce our part numbers in inventory from 24 to 8 while simultaneously improving deliveries to our customers.

Exploring the CMMT-ST-MP and CMMT-AS-MP

The CMMT-MP family of multi-protocol servo drives includes the CMMT-ST-MP compact DC servo drive, which is rated for up to 300 watts (W) and is a perfect choice for applications requiring a small, high-quality and readily available drive. In addition, the CMMT-MP family includes the CMMT-AS-MP, a complete range of compact AC servo drives. These AC servo drives are rated from 350 W up to 6 kilowatts (kW), with 9 kW and 12 kW versions slated for release in early 2024.

Whether you are using the DC or AC servo drives, the process of configuring the fieldbus protocol is the same. To choose your protocol, simply connect to the drive using the free online Festo Automation Suite. Next, select your protocol of choice using the drop-down menu. Finally, configure the fieldbus-specific parameters if needed.

Additionally, CMMT-MP drives feature updated internal components that improve the performance of the servo drives. These components are also easier to obtain from suppliers, which eliminates supply chain woes and means the CMMT-MP servo drives are available for fast delivery from local stock.

And lastly, this expansive servo drive family also improves engineering productivity with our comprehensive offering of motors, actuators, and accessories, as well as software tools for sizing and commissioning. Using online tools like Electric Motion Sizing and Handling Guide Online, you can easily select rotary, linear, and multi-axis systems in a matter of minutes. In addition, the Festo Automation Suite shortens commissioning time and incorporates the CODESYS integrated development environment (IDE) for programming Festo modular controllers.

The Festo Electric Motion Sizing online tool

Joining the CMMT Servo Drive Family

The CMMT servo drive family offers additional functionality, including:

  • Precision force, speed and position control.
  • Supporting point-to-point and interpolated movements.
  • Commissioning in a matter of minutes with the easy-to-use Festo Automation Suite.
  • Function blocks and Add-On Instructions (AOI) for easy integration into your programming environments.
  • Integrated safety functions, including Safe Torque Off (STO), Safe Stop 1 (SS1) and Safe Brake Control (SBC).

To learn more about our CMMT-MP multi-protocol servo drives, visit our website.

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