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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Maximum availability is not something that happens by chance, it’s the result of forward-looking action. Processing food economically and at the right time is absolutely essential. Otherwise there is a risk that production has to be stopped and raw materials are wasted. Taking overall equipment effectiveness into consideration provides clear guidance on how to maximise productivity, and thus on economic operation of the system.

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Piezo Technology

Piezo valves are often a better alternative to conventional solenoid valves, especially in the areas of flow and pressure control and as directly controlled proportional valves. They are small, lightweight, extremely precise, very durable, incredibly fast and above all they save energy. For example, piezo valves do not need any energy to maintain a switching status. They therefore generate virtually no heat. In ATEX applications, many piezo valves are classified as intrinsically safe.

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Air Cushion Solution

A common goal throughout the business world is to increase productivity while reducing costs. This certainly applies to machine design, which means achieving the fastest possible cycle times. For pneumatic systems, this often requires running actuators as fast as possible without introducing excessive shock loads to the system.

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Cartesian Handling Systems

The trend in conventional assembly and handling solutions is moving from robots to energy-efficient and cost-optimised systems. And no wonder: conventional robot solutions are too large-scale for many applications and frequently offer more functions and degrees of freedom than are actually required.

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Digital Simplicity

The so-called “smart” cyber-physical systems (CPS) are completely new. They are set to increase production and make it much more flexible. And they are set to change traditional processes in the value chain by simplifying them – this is what is called digital simplicity. They are leading to autonomous production with selfregulating systems.

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