The Benefits of OOP in PLC Programming: A Case Study With a Conveyor System

By Zhou Gong, Control Engineer, Festo In this blog post, we’re diving into object-oriented programming (OOP) in PLC programming. First,…

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CODESYS Tutorial: How To Get the Actual Cycle Time of a Current Task

By Zhou Gong, Control Engineer, Festo Overview Exploring the importance of task cycle time monitoring in control systems to improve […]

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Exploring Flexible CPX-AP Decentralized Automation Systems

Perfect for taking your digital automation efforts to the next level, remote and decentralized input/output (I/O) systems transmit machine data […]

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Versatile Automation Components for Battery Manufacturing and Assembly

Electric vehicles (EV) are on the rise — and they’re setting a trend when it comes to batteries. To help […]

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Reducing Control Cabinet Size With Decentralized Automation

In manufacturing environments, real estate is precious. One of the best and easiest ways to save space is through the […]

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