Debating Between Electric Automation and Pneumatic?

CODI Manufacturing, Littleton, Colorado, designed a new craft beer can carrier applicator using pneumatics and then rebuilt the machine with…

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CMMT-MP Multi-Protocol Servo Drives Improve Productivity and Eliminate Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Thanks to our new CMMT-MP family of multi-protocol servo drives, machine builders can work smarter — not harder. Each drive […]

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Optimize Case-erecting, Loading and Sealing Processes with Electric Actuators

In most packaging applications, the systems that set up, load and seal cases use pneumatic actuators, which have been the […]

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Electric Automation Optimizes Modern Palletizing Systems

Palletizing systems have relied on pneumatic actuators to organize products for decades, with unloading and placing functions generally performed by […]

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Upgrade Your Case Packing System With Electric Automation

Case packer machine designs haven’t changed much over the years and still rely mostly on pneumatic actuation for many machine […]

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