Design Insights: How to Select the Right Pneumatic Actuator for your Application

Tuesday, April 13, 2021. 2pm EST
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Designers tend to consider only basic functionality when specifying pneumatic actuators. But your application may require specific design features to optimize these critical components for unique environments or loading constraints.

To explore these topics further, we’ve teamed up with Fabco-Air to present a free webinar next week. “Design Insights: How To Select the Right Pneumatic Actuator for Your Application” will take place on Tuesday, April 13 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. In this live event hosted by Machine Design, our experts will discuss the various standards and form factors to which actuators are designed, as well as some of the technologies that can enhance their functionality or durability in an application.

Our webinar speakers are Troy Sanders, National Sales Manager at Fabco-Air, and Michael Guelker, Product Manager – Pneumatic Actuators at Festo. Both Sanders and Guelker are bringing many years of technical and sales experience at Fabco-Air and Festo to this event.

To register for “Design Insights: How To Select the Right Pneumatic Actuator for Your Application,” please visit our webinar landing page. See you there!

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