These Customizable Machine Vision Systems Fit Your Needs

These Customizable Machine Vision Systems Fit Your Needs

Machine vision, a key component of many automated production systems, goes a long way toward improving product quality and throughput. Our machine vision systems, the SBSA and SBSX, are available in a simple, cost-effective package, helping you improve production line speeds, reduce errors and reallocate valuable labor.

Powerful Hardware and Software Pairings

For accurate reading, scanning and detection, our machine vision cameras feature 5-megapixel sensors that provide high-resolution images and can detect even the smallest details. For lower-resolution applications, 0.5- and 1.5-megapixel sensors are also available. Our SBS Vision Sensor software, which offers convenient access to all your cameras, includes powerful configuration tools with over 250 onboard programs to help you tailor the system to specific application requirements. For example, choose from measurement, blob, object presence, barcode, dot matrix recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) functions.

SBSA sensors come with eight LEDs in red, white or near-infrared, as well as an integrated lens capable of multiple focal lengths. For greater customization, SBSX sensors are available with C-mounts and can accommodate interchangeable standard, telecentric and custom lenses. For added convenience, you can even integrate powerful imaging directly into the sensor, eliminating the need for separate controllers that take up valuable space in the cabinet.

Hassle-Free Systems Integration

SBS vision sensors have the same mechanical housing, dovetail mounting and electrical connections, making it easy to deploy your vision systems anywhere on the factory floor. Compatible communication protocols include digital I/O, serial, Ethernet IP and PROFINET, enabling you to easily coordinate your PLC and robotics controller.

To learn more, please visit our machine vision webpage.

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