Electric Motion is Now Simpler Than Ever

Electric Motion is Now Simpler Than Ever

If you’re considering electric axis alternatives for your pneumatic actuators, look no further than our Simplified Motion Series (SMS), which combines the simplicity of pneumatics with the advantages of electric automation. Easy to configure and operate, the SMS is ideal for simple end-to-end positioning tasks, pressing and clamping — just like pneumatic actuators. At the same time, it avoids the complex commissioning process required by traditional electric drives.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Simplified functionality. The SMS combines all necessary electronic components into one integrated axis. We optimized this package to handle simple movements between two mechanical end positions without sacrificing motion quality — whether gentle, cushioned end-position travel or simple clamping functions. For pressing and clamping tasks, the SMS offers a teachable pre-position to reduce cycle times.

Space-saving. The SMS includes linear and rotary electromechanical actuators pre-assembled to the integrated motor — a design that eliminates the need to install any additional components in your control cabinet.

Easy to commission and operate. A true plug-and-play system, the SMS lets you adjust parameters directly via the buttons on the servo drive without having to use additional software, computers or accessories.

In addition, the SMS axes come standard with digital I/O and IO-Link®. With digital I/O, you can wire the axes to your PLC just like you would with a pneumatic actuator: there are two inputs to control the axis and two outputs to indicate when the axis is in position. You can also use the SMS axes with your IO-Link master for additional functionalities like:

  • Modifying motion parameters on the fly.
  • Operator lockout to prevent the operator from accidentally modifying parameters via the built-in buttons.
  • Parameter backup and restore functionality for SMS axis replacement or duplication.
  • Access to status information including the axis position, speed and force.

The Best of Both Worlds

The SMS offers the functionality of pneumatic actuators in a simple electromechanical axis form. For a wide range of linear and rotary applications, SMS axes are available in seven actuator families including our EPCE and EPCS electric cylinders, ELGS-BS ball screw linear axis, ELGS-TB and ELGE toothed belt linear axes, EGSS mini slide and ERMS rotary actuator.

To learn more about the SMS, please download our brochure.

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