EXCL Gantry Kit Improve Automated Lab Applications

New DHOP Pipette Head and EXCL Gantry Kit Improve Automated Lab Applications

We’re excited to introduce a new product that improves precision and throughput in life science applications. The EXCL multi-axis gantry kit lowers engineering and assembly costs for automated sample handling and liquid dispensing in laboratory devices.

EXCL Gantry Kit Improve Automated Lab Applications

EXCL Multi-axis Gantry Improves Flexibility and Performance

The EXCL multi-axis gantry kit, accommodates two independently transversable Z axes. Thanks to this design, one axis can handle samples while the other manages liquids. One axis can also uncap and cap sample vials while the other axis handles liquids. Not only do these independent Z axes boost performance, they also eliminate the need for two standalone devices, reducing footprint and costs.

The EXCL seamlessly integrates with Festo pipette heads, including our new DHOP closed-loop unit and popular EHMD rotary gripper. It also features an open-source motion and fluidic application programming interface for PC control and uses common programming languages like G-code. By using a library of common drivers, the EXCL reduces the learning curve and enables device manufacturers to develop an optimized control strategy. Its flexibility also eliminates the need to purchase a generic machine and then adapt additional test or assay solutions to it.

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