Simple And Effective Motion

Simple And Effective Motion

When you have a simple positioning or pressing application, many servo-driven actuators are overkill. And the hours you spend designing, installing, commissioning and troubleshooting an over-engineered servo system won’t come cheap. That’s why we’ve developed the Simplified Motion Series to radically reduce the effort you’ll need to get an electromechanical actuator up and running.

SMS consists of a broad family of linear and rotary actuators with integrated servo drives. The drives support simple, on-device configuration and are easily controlled via digital I/O or IO-Link.

With built-in motion profiles for positioning, pressing and clamping jobs, SMS is a true plug-and-work solution for simple motion tasks.

SMS Series

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

SMS simplifies three types of engineering work that would otherwise drive time and cost with a traditional system:

Design. If you’ve ever put together a servo-driven motion axis from scratch, you’ll appreciate our online design tool for SMS. It will walk you through the correct sizing of an SMS actuator in six mouse clicks—movement type, actuator type, mounting position, force in end position, stroke and payload. It takes about 30 seconds, and will direct you to our online store to buy what you’ve configured.

Configuration. SMS ships with basic motion profiles ready to go right out of the box. There is a basic trapezoidal profile for movements between two end points with speed control, and there’s a speed- and force-controlled movement profile for press fitting and clamping applications. You set the control parameters directly on the SMS drive using a touchpad or via IO-Link. Just enter:

  • Extend speed
  • Retract speed
  • Force of the axis for pressing applications
  • Start position for pressing/clamping tasks

Installation and Commissioning. One key aspect of SMS axes is the ease of installation. Each axis only requires three components be installed: mount the SMS axis to your machine, install the power cable and install the control cable. No additional space is required in the control cabinet. SMS connects directly to the power supply and controller with actuation via the easy-to-use digital I/O or the full-featured IO-Link—both of which are integrated into the drive as standard features. SMS even incorporates end position feedback, so there’s no need to think about proximity sensors.

You can learn more about the Simplified Motion Series at Or jump right into the online sizing tool.

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